Written by Brian Pracht
Directed by Michelle Bossy

Produced May-June 2012 at the Lion Theater at Theater Row
Plugged In Productions, LLC with
Jack Sharkey and the scarlett theater/film project and Plum Productions

A new age is coming…

It's December 2012, and the world may be coming to an end. And even if it isn't, it feels like it will for Zero, Chris, and Leah, three friends scraping by in New York City. Escape's easily found within the click of a button, but the farther they distance themselves from reality, the greater their need becomes to connect to each other. But will they do this before time runs out? In what becomes a battle between two worlds, fantasy and reality, UN PLUGGED IN's a drama about friends fighting for the connections that matter most.

Featuring Joe Curnutte, Devin Norik, Athena Masci

Designers: Michael P. Kramer (set), Joseph S. Blaha (costumes), Nicole Pearce (lighting), Janie Bullard (sound).

Stage Manager: Jess Johnston