Written by Leslie Korein
Directed by Michelle Bossy

THE NEW 35 reframes what it means to be 35, single and living in Manhattan. On her 35th birthday, our hero Kat is confronted with the funny and sometimes cruel reality of being solo, via her neighbors, lovers in the park, even the man at her bodega. She tussles with her mother and leans on her best friend Terry for support, until the seeds she has sown over the years are finally reaped.

Starring: Julie Halston, Leslie Korein, Ruffin Prentiss and Michael Urie
Produced by: Josh Levine
Director of Photography: Oren Soffer


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Annual awards event features films from around the U.S.
Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rightly so, the evening's most heralded work was the amusing, well-crafted and -acted "The New 35." Superbly directed by Michelle Bossy and starring Leslie Korein, "The New 35" is the endearing, humorous tale of an unattached, earthy New York City woman whose unexpected birthday surprise just happens to be about 10 suitors from her very distant past, who are more than eager to ensure she doesn't end up an old maid. Not only was "The New 35" voted best picture, it collected awards for best post-production, best comedic short, best actress (Korein), and for Michael Urie -- who was aces as Korein's snappy gay best friend forever -- a best-actor nod."

Jon Pompia, The Pueblo Chieftain