Written by Matthew-Lee Erlbach
Directed by Michelle Bossy

Sex of the Baby is an unflinching dark comedy-drama centering on a disaffected New York couple searching for a surrogate but confronted with the collision of raw sexual desire, emotional politics, and the cruel and inelegant reality of love and betrayal.

Featuring Clea Alsip, Marinda Anderson, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Korey Jackson, Devin Norik, Ali Sohaili, Mallory Portnoy

Set Design: Paul Tate DePoo
Lighting Design: Zach Blane
Costume Design: Joseph Blaha
Sound Design: Emma Wilk

Reviews & Press

Sex of the Baby Review
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ms. Bossy concentrates on the comedy, abetted by the very funny Marinda Anderson as T’Kia, a hugely pregnant friend of Michael and Daniel. production, directed by Michelle Bossy...the realistic staging, on a handsome, sprawling apartment set.

Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times

Sex of the Baby Review
Sunday, September 13, 2015

...all of which take place in the Access loft space, the playing area of which Joseph S. Blaha has turned into an enticing lower Manhattan loft apartment...and Michelle Bossy's direction is adroit.

David Finkle, Huffington Post