Written by Katie Simon
Directed by Michelle Bossy

In 1992, was errupted in Bosnia and Nadja Hallibegovich, a twelve year old girl, kept a diary. The diary detailed everything from playing with the children in her building, to being injured by an exploding bombshell, to writing to President Clinton on behalf of the children of Sarajevo, to her difficult and terrifying escape to America. Katie Simon has taken Nadja’s entries and adapted them into a play. The result is Sarajevo’s Child, a stunning, life-affirming piece of theatre.

Featuring Joey Dudding, Matthew Erickson, Lisa Lemley, Emma Lorraine, Dana Mierlak

Reviews & Press

Sarajevo's Child Review
Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It was nicely directed. This was also one of the best set designs I’ve ever seen in a Fringe show. It was very simple, but clean and clear and beautiful and used the space very well. The direction was very clever and innovative for a play that really had very few textual directions.


Sarajevo's Child Review
Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sarajevo’s Child, a stunning, The decision to have the ensemble share the challenge of playing Nadja is a brilliant one. Michelle Bossy’s direction is powerful and innovative. No movement is superfluous, and she is able to adapt children’s games into euphemisms for war. Balls and jump ropes become implements of death and destruction. It’s shocking and terrible, but amazing in its representation of how the lives of innocent children are tainted by war. Throughout, Bossy creates strong, evocative images.  Bossy’s strong artistic style is imbued in every facet of this production and the result is remarkable.

Julie Congress,