Friendly Neighborhood Coven

Directed by Michelle Bossy

Anna has a problem: her 15 year old daughter is pregnant, and is more interested in playing with her American Girl dolls then raising a child.  So, Anna knocks on her college roommate Cordelia's door to ask a favor.  Cordelia is a witch and Anna needs a spell.  However, Cordelia and Anna had a falling out in years ago, and Cordelia has no interest in helping Anna out.  Before they can settle their old business, Cordelia's coven shows up.  The coven vetoes Cordelia and decides to help the vulnerable younger woman.  But are they dilettantes, or the real deal?  A film about women and the power they have when they unite to help one another.

Featuring Sandy Bainum, Annie Henk, Nicole Mangi, Tonye Patano, Sally Struthers, Kennebrew Taylor, Addie Weyrich, and Erin Wilhelmi.