Chance of Showers

Directed by Michelle Bossy

Alexa and Jen are the last two single women among their peers. When they drag themselves to their mutual friend’s baby shower, the thought of having to endure the occasion stirs up mixed emotions for them both. While Jen is desperate to make friends/a good impression and put some of her life’s puzzle pieces together, Alexa could care less about being there and is along for the ride. They quickly realize they are extreme fish out of water and need to abort the situation immediately (pun intended?). The thought of being a mom isn’t out of the question for them...someday, but the motherhood lingo and vibes are way beyond their comprehension. As tensions dilate, the girls seek refuge in each other and get out before they cross over to the dark side of pacifiers and baby burps.

This entire team who created this film was comprised of women.

Featuring Julie Craig, Alex Ellis, Brittany Ross, Marieve Herington, Brit Manor, Camile Chen, Katherine Tokarz, Nalini Sharma and Kymberli McKanna.